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Dynamics AX Anywhere - Mobile Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics

The AX Anywhere Framework enables you to make any Microsoft Dynamics AX process mobile. With the help of the AX Anywhere Framework you can set up the screens, workflows and parameters for the business processes you want to support with a mobile solution. You can use the AX Anywhere Framework to build exactly what you need. In order to make it even faster and easier, Dynamics Anywhere has a growing library of solutions with pre-configured mobile business processes available. You are able to modify and customize them yourself!

Why customers invest in Mobile Solutions?

Top 4 reasons:
  • Cost reduction:significant savings can easily be achieved as the data in your Microsoft Dynamics system is real-time available anywhere. This makes many of the paper based processes obsolete and reduces errors and handling.
  • User productivity:all employees that are not ‘behind a desk’ get real-time access to Microsoft Dynamics, enabling them to respond quicker and more accurately to the actual situation.
  • Admin staff productivity:less data entry and direct access to information from the business processes enables your admin staff to make better and faster decisions
  • Additional revenue:More orders can be processed and customers receive better service, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and higher revenue.
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