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Process Industries Solutions for Meat, Pork, and Poultry Manufacturing

Process Industries for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Seasonality, diet trends, and health issues create demand curves in food services and supermarkets that defy traditional forecasting methods and complicate production planning for meat, pork, and poultry manufacturers. Supply variability, quality validation, strict government regulations, and an increasing demand for value-added products create further challenges to profitability.With Process Industries for Microsoft Dynamics AX,protein manufacturers get the tools they need to match push supply with pull demand, help meet strict FDA quality and compliance standards, and track yields to minimize by-products resulting from the production process.


  • Meet customer demand and increase profitability
  • Reduce risk with compliance support.
  • Help ensure fresh, high-quality products.
  • Manage component costs with precision.
  • Maximize your IT investments
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