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    ❭ Develop Innovative & Profitable Products
    ❭ Respond to Rapidly Changing Market Demands
    ❭ Improve Sustainable Business Practices

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    ❭ Develop Innovative & Profitable Products
    ❭ Respond to Rapidly Changing Market Demands
    ❭ Improve Sustainable Business Practices

Hi-Tech and Semiconductor Manufacturing

Hi-Tech and Semiconductor manufacturers are faced with the unique challenge of continuously developing innovative products while getting them to market quickly enough to reap maximum profit from first-to-market advantage.

As a high-tech company we understand that you need a software solution that will help you manage the challenges of rapid new product introductions, while dealing with rapidly shortening product lifecycles and global competition.

Shortened life cycles from rapid technology advancement mean you have to carefully balance assets to decrease product time to market, while keeping overhead and operational costs down. This means that for you, Lean manufacturing is essential.

SAGlobal delivers Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP based solutions that help hi-tech and electronics manufacturers develop innovative, profitable products, respond to rapidly changing market demands, and improve sustainable business practices—with systems that are easy-to-use, adaptable, and provide easy access to actionable, decision-driving information.

Microsoft Dynamics AX offers a comprehensive, integrated business platform that addresses these challenges directly by providing industry-specific functionality you need to operate globally, whether you're a component manufacturer, electronic manufacturing service company, or OEM in the industrial, consumer, telecommunications, or office-equipment markets.

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