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    Microsoft Dynamics Solutions for
    Manufacturers & Distributors of
    Food & Beverages, Fresh Produce and Dairies

  • Microsoft Dynamics Solutions for
    Manufacturers & Distributors of
    Food & Beverages, Fresh Produce and Dairies

Food and Beverage

The food industry is subject to a variety of challenges. Regulatory requirements such as batch tracking to comply with EU Regulation 178/2002 or the myriad of regulatory requirements that vary across regions and countries; the need of purchasing consistent raw materials; and competition to setup ever more efficient processes in the Distribution and Supply Chain.

The food industry today relies on supply chain efficiency which is becoming increasingly more efficient for all company sizes. Regardless of whether you are a specialist for a small assortment, or manufacture a large range: There is close interlinking of complex production processes everywhere in order to comply with manufacturing instructions and a steady delivery capacity.

Microsoft Dynamics provides food and beverage companies with the tools they need to meet quality and compliance standards, manage stock and satisfy customer demand while maintaining excellent customer service.


Food Manufacturing

Food Manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides food and beverage manufacturing companies with the tools they need to meet quality and compliance standards, manage stock and satisfy customer demand while maintaining excellent customer service.

Food & Beverage Distribution

Food & Beverage Distribution

Microsoft Dynamics offers powerful, integrated business solutions for companies in the food and beverage distribution industry. Microsoft Dynamics can help your organisation succeed through efficient ordering and delivery processes, improved warehousing capabilities delivering the right product to the right place at the right time and providing up to the minute reporting tools allowing you to effectively respond to customers' changing demands.

Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce

Microsoft Dynamics provides fresh produce companies with the means to manage their global supplier base, optimise grading and packhouse processes and adhere to food safety standards. Additionally Microsoft Dynamics provides the technology required to interact with major supermarkets and independent retailers.

Dairy Produce

Dairy Produce

Microsoft Dynamics provides dairy produce companies with the means to manage their diverse product and packaging ranges, optimise processes such as separation and standardisation and adhere to food safety standards. Additionally Microsoft Dynamics provides the technology required to interact with trading partners such as large supermarkets and retailers.

  • Food Safety and Regulatory Requirements

    Food Safety and Regulatory Requirements

    • Provides end to end lot traceability in line with article 18 of the European Union's Regulation 178/2002
    • Supports HACCP & GMP guidelines.
    • Fully integrated quality management, define product specifications and track test results. Assign the correct stock status to each lot, prevent materials from being used by production or shipped to customers, handle product release and downgrades.
    • Identify and track an unlimited number of individual lot attributes
    • Manage approved supplier lists
  • Shelf Life Management

    Shelf Life Management

    • Track shelf life, best before and expiry dates.
    • Capture information from the supplier for each lot delivered including supplier lot number, supplier production and expiry dates.
    • Pick materials for production or customer shipment based on FEFO - First expired first out criteria.
  • Stock Management

    Stock Management

    • Manage and control materials, from supplier receipts through production and shipment.
    • Define multiple stock dimensions and product attributes.
    • Manage material forecasts for sales and purchasing, safety stock levels and delivery schedules.
    • Conduct comprehensive "where-used" analysis, including alternate recipe tracking.
    • Supports COOL – Country of Origin Labeling requirements.
  • Product Recipes

    Product Recipes

    • Define and approve production recipes; define variations based on batch size or manufacture date.
    • Define seasonal produce and material variations.
    • Identify packaging and labelling requirements.
    • Manage co-products, by-products, waste and rework.
    • Identify operations, machine requirements and running costs. Manage labour, utilities, setup, run time and changeover times.
  • Manage Production

    Manage Production

    • Schedule production using graphical drag and drop Gantt chart.
    • Group production based product properties to minimise changeover times (ie group all organic production together)
    • Identify and resolve capacity issues
    • Define critical control points and automate QC product sampling within the production process.
    • Adjust product recipe to reflect changes in inventory
    • Report and track production consumption and yields. Includes consumption of utilities, labour, machine time raw materials and intermediates. Also provides yield information for waste product, co products, by-products and rework.
  • Sales & Purchase Order Processing

    Sales & purchase order processing

    • Manage Supplier and customer price lists, rebates and product promotions.
    • Define a product's sellable days for each customer so that dispatched goods meet each customer's delivery criteria. (Remaining shelf life or depot days.)
    • Define customer specifications and match product lot attributes with specific customer requirements.
    • Manage direct deliveries and multiple shipment addresses.
    • Catch weight processing - price Sales and purchase orders using actual product weight rather packaging unit.
    • EDI order load and invoicing.
    • Advanced shipment notices.

YAVEON for the Food Industry

YAVEON is the specialist when it comes to Dynamics-based ERP systems and Business IT for the batch-producing industries. With more than 300 projects in more than 20 countries, our solutions proved over and over again to be the de facto standard for the process industry.

YAVEON ProLife is a comprehensive, fully integrated ERP solution based on Dynamics AX for all producers of preliminary, intermediate and end products in the food industry. Whether from/for purchasing, production, warehouse, quality management, container management, sales, or another department of your company, with our process-focused solution improved management, better transparency and more efficiency can be realized quickly.

When we got to know YAVEON, we knew that they really understood us. While many saw only the filling of containers as the central point, YAVEON recognized the challenges in the development formulas and in the mixing ratios of the batches that were really in stock, with their specific characteristics – what we call features. Based on this vision, YAVEON implemented a highly complex trait-logic necessary for batch-oriented processing.

Learn more about YAVEON ProLife for Food & Beverage

A proven track record in the food industry

At SAGlobal, we understand the issues of controlling continuous production processes synonymous with food and beverage industries. Our experience covers both manufacturing and distribution. Our clients include brewers, dairies, meat processors, fresh produce companies, bakers and multi-national food manufacturers.


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