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    ❭ Reduce Cost and Increase User Productivity
    ❭ Control your Logistics Processes in Real-time

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    ❭ Reduce Cost and Increase User Productivity
    ❭ Control your Logistics Processes in Real-time

365 Anywhere Mobility Solution from To-Increase

Product Overview

Dynamics Anywhere offers you a Mobile Business Solution that is developed inside AX which means it is truly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Dynamics Anywhere enables companies to reduce costs and increase user productivity by using state of the art Mobile Business Solutions which are device independent (across any mobile device with a browser).

The framework enables you to make any Microsoft Dynamics process mobile. With the help of the Dynamics Anywhere Framework you can set up the screens, workflows and parameters for the business processes you want to support with a mobile solution. To make it even faster and easier, the solution has a library of solutions with pre-configured mobile business processes available. You are able to modify and customize them yourself!


365 Anywhere Mobility Solution from To-Increase

365 Anywhere for Distribution & Supply Chain Management

AX Anywhere – Logistics: Dynamics Anywhere offers a mobile application for Microsoft Dynamics AX that supports the most common processes in your warehouse. With AX Anywhere - Logistics, your warehouse takes a big step towards working paperless. Pen and paper are replaced by reliable mobile terminals with barcode scanner, so manually receiving goods, picking sales orders or moving pallets is history. Now you are able to execute and control your logistics processes in real-time and fully integrated within Dynamics AX.

AX Anywhere - logisitics supports the following processes:

GOODS RECEIPT (PURCHASE ORDERS) Receive material that has been ordered on a purchase order
MOVEMENT OF INVENTORY Move inventory in a warehouse from one location to another
COUNTING OF INVENTORY Count inventory and create a counting journal
PICKING OF SALES ORDER Pick items for a sales order or a transfer order
PROFIT / LOSS STOCK ADJUSTMENT Adjust inventory with a profit and loss journal
ITEM INFORMATION View item inventory, by location
PALLET SUPPORT FOR ALL PROCESSES Receive, move or transfer pallets
ITEM TRANSFER (PICKING/RECEIPT) Pick and receive items for transfer orders
CONSOLIDATED PICKING Pick multiple sales or transfer orders by using pick bins
PRODUCTION RECEIPT Report as finished
SERIAL NUMBER/BATCH NUMBER Serial and batch number functionaliy is supported
DATA CAPTURE AND PRINTING Supports barcode scanning, RFID and integrated printing

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