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Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP for Process Industries

Companies in the process industries are confronted with numerous challenges: costs in production and in the supply chain must be lowered, ability to supply and flexibility increased – and beyond that, there are important regulations and guidelines that need to be heeded.

In order to succeed competitively, you need to be able to control all the variables that play a role in the manufacturing and delivering of products effectively and efficiently.

In regard to formulas and compositions, very strict requirements must be met. Resources and capacities must be optimally exploited and constantly adapted to new conditions.

AX for Process Industries

Solution: YAVEON ProLife

Solution: YAVEON ProLife

The solution for the process industries

YAVEON ProLife for Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you systematically improve business processes across your company and, at the same time, comply with environmental protection guidelines, manufacturer guarantees and production safety as well as to increase profitability. YAVEON ProLife provides you integrated functionality with which you can plan and control your production and distribution, manage your invoicing and accounting and ensure that you can meet legislative requirements. With this solution you can manage and update all important product information exactly the way your internal workflows and your specific requirements in batch production require.

Important industry-specific areas supported by YAVEON ProLife

  • Batch management and logistics
  • Data security and digital signatures
  • Quality management and supplier evaluation
  • Costing and Accounting
  • Production with manufacturing specifications
  • Logistics and container management
  • Connectivity for scales, hazardous substance systems and scanners
  • Research and development

Benefits of YAVEON ProLife ERP:

  • Increased speed and flexibility of your process manufacturing operations
  • Improved communications internally and with customers and supply chain partners
  • Insight into production processes and costs to help manage resources effectively
  • Ability to respond quickly to changing market conditions or new opportunities
  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Positive return on investment (ROI)

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