Traceability: EU Regulation 178/200

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides traceability in conformance with EU Regulation 178/200

Food companies and retailers must conform to the traceability rules found in EU Regulation 178/2002. The rules apply to every business involved in the production, processing and distribution of foodstuffs or animal feed products. Importers are equally affected and are required to identify from whom the product was exported in the country of origin.

All foodstuffs and animal feed products, as well as animals and substances used in processed foods, must be traceable throughout all stages of production, processing and distribution. The requirement for traceability is limited to ensuring that companies are able to identify the supplier of the product in question and the businesses to which the product was supplied (one step back-one step forward). The aim is to facilitate targeted individual product recalls, and to provide appropriate information to consumers and national control authorities.

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides the tools to effectively handle product recalls providing full traceability from supplier, through production and distribution. Product that has been categorised as non compliant with the food or feed safety requirements can be easily identified and can be traced both forward and backwards through the supply chain. Microsoft Dynamics AX also conforms to country of origin label requirements (COOL).